Discount Moving and Truck Rentals


Economic times are tough and we know that the last expense that people want to incur is having to pay someone an arm and a leg to move. Moving is pretty stressful to begin with, and the last thing people need is having to shell out tons of cash for moving services that they can get pretty much anywhere. We are aware that many moving companies are the same, but we have a dedication to our customers to offer simply the lowest prices imaginable.

We are the largest group of professionals in the area and over 30 years of building strong community ties and gaining a reputation for excellent customer service, have become the largest company in the area for both short and long distance moves. But what makes it even better is that we are a community that gives customers services (like free packing) that they cannot get anywhere else. The modern world is demanding and money is tight, so why not go with the company that is empirically the cheapest?

Helping out

There are times when having us perform the job is the right call and some times when renting a van yourself is the right call. Due to the overwhelming demand for truck rentals and the huge cost of moving, we have begun renting our trucks to our customers. Not only that in addition to truck rentals we offer free advice on how to move large projects on your own using our more than 30 combined years of moving experience.

With us you can be sure that we are a moving company that is on your side. That everything we do is for the best interest of our customers and that a lot of ideas come from customers directly. Call us today for a quote on a short or long distance move.