The Best Truck Moving Fleet


When we got into the moving business more than three decades ago, we never could have imagined the world we live in today. A world where the internet has opened up so many avenues for movers to get a foothold in the community and a world where people have the ultimate choice on who to choose for their moving job. It has changed the world in such a drastic way that we needed to expand our business and take a good hard look at the way in which we were handling moving in our local community.

Being a local business, we always had our goals lined up for us perfectly. We started more than 30 years ago in a small town and needless to say, the world has changed since then. This is why we soon learned that after becoming the largest moving company in the community, which we still serve today, we needed to look a bit further and expand our business in order to compete in the modern business landscape.

Moving forward

So we decided to begin specializing in much more than just short distance community moves, but rather began expanding our operations to other cities, and now even other states. In order to compete in this global market, one must be ready to step outside of their comfort zone and to try new things. We were fortunate enough to realize this need before it meant curtains for our business, but we are here to urge the moving industry to take a step in the right direction and begin looking toward the future.

Of course we still do the residential moves for the beautiful community that made us who we are today, but we have also become the largest specialized truck fleet for long distance moving. Nobody is cheaper in price, and nobody has more experience than we do in large moving jobs involving delicate equipment or furniture.